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Safe Fat-freezing in Bali with Cryoskin Indonesia


Fat freezing doesn’t have to be unhealthy.

Fat freezing, also known as cryolipolysis, is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure that utilizes sub-zero temperatures to reduce fat deposits in areas of insecurity, normally not responsive to exercise. 

Oftentimes, fat freezing uses suction cups, but they are proven to cause damage to the skin in a long run. It painfully pulls the fat, skin, and nerves and eventually causes long-term nerve damage, skin burns, rippling, and sagging. Some of which even show up years after the treatment, as the skin ages.

But did you know that fat freezing does not need to sacrifice your health? Marvelle Adam, who has been witnessing the downsides of conventional fat freezing, decides to disrupt it.

Safe solution to fat loss in Indonesia

She brought Cryoskin to Indonesia’s shore back in 2019. It is an ultrasound-like device that targets specific areas of your body that require fat-loss. It uses no suction cups, but instead a wand to apply heat and cold to thermal shock fat cells nearly anywhere on the body.

Photo courtesy of Cryoskin Indonesia

Fat cells are far more sensitive to extreme temperatures than the rest of the body’s, so the treatment causes no harm to the skin or organs, and it poses no health risk.

Originating all the way from France, Cryoskin entered Indonesia with a mission to use revolutionary technology to help you look and feel better, while incorporating a holistic approach that involves a healthy proportion of proper diet, exercise, and detoxification.

“I see so many of my clients who, even though they live very healthy lifestyles, just can’t get rid of those lovehandles, cellulite, or double chins.” Adam explained, “There are just some things that diet and exercise can’t target alone, which Cryoskin and NMS are able to address.”

Photo from Cryoskin

A healthier lifestyle with Cryoskin

On the day of the session, fat cells die off and, over the course of two weeks, are eliminated in urine via the body’s lymphatic system. Clients typically experience a loss of 2 to 4 cm per session around the belly area.

The company provides treatments with another device called NeuroMuscular Stimulation (NMS), or the CryoToning device, which uses a combination of electric and magnetic technologies to cause deep muscular contractions in multiple areas of the body at once. A 30-minute treatment is equivalent to over four hours of intense working out. Imagine getting the results of over 50,000 squats, abs crunches. and bicep curls, all while lying down!

“Though we want people to look and feel good, we also want our clients who choose Cryoskin to be driven to a healthier lifestyle,” Adam explained. 

A personalized approach

The Cryoskin team customizes every session. The first session typically includes a free consultation to address your specific issues, then your goals, conditions, and lifestyle in order to personalize the right treatment for your needs.

For best results, Adam suggests twice a week for NMS and twice a month for Cryoskin, “We suggest so because our body flushes fat cells every two weeks.”

"Nothing makes me happier than hearing a client say, ‘I’ve been working out for years, but now, after my treatments, I can finally see my abs!’"

Marvelle Adam

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