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A New Approach to Hair Care: HAIR by Therapy

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Mindfulness is the keyword when you enter HAIR by Therapy in Pererenan. The new kid on the (Pererenan) block ensures that you achieve your hair goals without losing the integrity of your hair. Opened earlier the year, the salon ensures that your locks will never go frizzy and unkempt again because of the humidity in our beloved Bali.

In a world full of harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients, HAIR by Therapy is a dedicated hair spa that mindfully treats and celebrates all hair types to ensure the health of each of their clients’ hair. They believe that healthy hair should never be sacrificed for the sake of style, and they will turn away clients if they feel like they would be damaging their hair just to meet their expectations.

Bali’s Mindful Hair Spa 

When you enter the door of the salon, your entire mindful hair care journey will start with an intuitive consultation led by their hair experts. They will take the time to learn about you and your hair so that their hair care advice is comprehensive from root to tip.

These recommendations will also involve only hair products that are proven to be vegan and toxic-free and cater to different hair types. These products, combined with HAIR by Therapy’s practices, are the salon’s dedication to elevating hair care to a new level.


“We have made the deliberate decision to keep our practices and the product lines we carry as mindful as possible,” Dimple explained.”We are actively sourcing products that are plant-based and free from sulfates, parabens, cruelty, palm oil, GMOs, PPD, and artificial coloring and fillers.”

Currently, HAIR by Therapy carries Davines’ Vibrachrome Color Technology hair dye series, which has significantly lower ammonia levels to prevent heavy damage without sacrificing the hues. Davines’ hair dye is known to have a fierce personality, evident through its vibrant, shiny colors that mimic natural pigment.

To care for your hair, it contains Omega 9 Oil, which ensures bright, vibrant colors; quinoa extract, which boosts color absorption; and a phospholipid carrier, which offers a consistent tone from roots to ends.

HAIR by Therapy aims to carry the entire Davines range of ammonia-free products in the near future.

"Mindfulness, along with the well-being of our clients, is the principal focus at our salon,”

Dimple, the founder of HAIR by Therapy Tweet

A means towards sustainability

Other than products, HAIR by Therapy is committed to reducing plastic and unnecessary waste that may be caused by our hair care packaging. The salon encourages you to consult with experts for a trial before committing to full-sized bottles. After the first purchase, you can also return to refill the shampoo and conditioner at discounted rates.

Additionally, HAIR by Therapy completes their sustainability promise to empower the Indonesian hair professional industry by only hiring creative individuals from all over the nation. From the friendly receptionist to the result-oriented junior and senior stylists, the entire team is highly knowledgeable, caring, and 

HAIR by Therapy’s aspiring stylists, on the other hand, receive training through experience by shadowing more experienced stylists in the salon. HAIR by Therapy provides more than just hair care; its commitment to sustainability includes a warm and welcoming environment in which new local talents can flourish.


“At HAIR by Therapy, #WeCare,” Dimple said with a smile. 

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