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Carla Cunha of Lymphatic by Carla and Her Journey to Holistic Wellness


The Beauty in Bali team was ecstatic when Carla invited us to experience her lymphatic massage, yet the enthusiasm was amplified by Carla and her team’s warm mannerism when we walked into the boutique. Greeted with her friendly smile and a glass of chia seed-infused water, we sat down and began chit-chatting to get to familiarize ourselves with the newly-established massage center.

When asked for her inspiration, the answer was rather a natural reaction:

"I didn’t choose lymphatic massage, it chose me."

Carla Cunha, Lymphatic by Carla's founder Tweet

Looking back, Carla found lymphatic massage in a time of hardship back in 2018,  “My background was completely different from holistic living,” Carla laughed. “I actually studied finance and economics back in Norway with a specialization in business management, and I was working as a project manager.”

Brazilian massage,” Carla explained. “The massage was unique and different, as it did not only help relieve tension, but also make me feel both lighter and healthier almost immediately.”

She began learning the techniques from her friend from Brazil, who then encouraged her to learn the massage and practice the techniques on each other. Little did she know that lympathic massage was about to become her life’s work. Fast forward to a sunny day in February 2020, her love for healing people through lymphatic massage grew, along with her skills and techniques. 

“My friend was encouraging me to get myself certified then, so I did so online, and the rest is history,” Carla laughed.

When she learned about the theories behind the massage, Carla noticed the difference and distinctive beauty of the massage. The Brazilian lymphatic massage is more intense and aesthetic-focused, as it helps people lose weight and feel less bloated. She also noticed that the massage would help her clients to lose one inch immediately after.

After mastering the techniques and getting certified, she brought the business to Bali. Upon building the business in Bali, she realized that she had untapped a market that previously did not exist, and with that, the spiritual island had given her another perspective in life.

 “When we use our hands for massage, we have a lot of power to feel what other people sense,” Carla explained. “I found that because Bali is so spiritual, I gained the skills in which the more I massage, the more my intuition grows.”

“It is the same holistic feeling, hence the approach I encourage in my massage center.”

The massage boutique had just opened in early 2022, and it emanated from Carla Cunha in every angle of the building. Carla transformed herself into a lymphatic massage center, where she curated her thoughtfulness in the form of rejuvenating massage sessions and meticulous details.

All of her therapists have at least 5 years of experience in massage and are well-trained by none other than herself. Each session lasts for 45 minutes, and you have the option to complement it with an infrared sauna session to further support your weight loss journey. A session with a junior therapist utilizes massage hands, and a senior therapist will utilize a bamboo stick and gua sha stone to address concerned areas.

She also offers her expertise in the massage center, where you will get to experience her massage, as well as get to know her warmth and friendliness.

Book your session via WhatsApp, or drop by her beautiful massage center at the address below.


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